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The savior of waste tires-rubber tire mill

With the continuous increase of automobiles, the number of waste tires has also increased. According to statistics, 35 million tons of waste tires are produced worldwide each year, but the recycling rate is less than 5%. Used tires are toxic and harmful solid wastes, which have strong heat resistance and degradation resistance, and will not degrade even if they are buried in the ground for 100 years. Recycled waste tires can be ground into rubber powder. After being restored to reclaimed rubber, they can be used in industries such as plastic flooring and plastic track. If they are added to natural rubber in proportion, they can also be used to make new tires.
The rubber mill is Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. has introduced new advanced technology for producing rubber powder at home and abroad, and improved the disadvantages of large-scale equipment, large investment and high energy consumption. It has designed a tire milling unit and waste tires. After being "crushed" by the crusher, it is used as raw material for building materials and rubber products, including waste tires to make cement bricks, floor tiles or substitute products for related building materials. If the mill is further used for "grinding", and the original steel wire and cotton wool in the waste tires are removed, it can be made into rubber powder with high purity rubber, reclaimed rubber and other related rubber products. The milling equipment has a long service life and is suitable for producing high-fineness rubber powder. The product has good quality and strong adaptability. It has special functions for processing fiber-containing plastics. It is an ideal machine for rubber powder making in the future.
With the continuous development of industry, various resources are facing crisis, and rubber resources are no exception. Therefore, human beings pay more and more attention to resource regeneration. To serve mankind, secondly, look at waste rubber from the perspective of environmental protection. It is not easy to disappear in nature like other substances, so it must be reused. When processing waste rubber, it not only protects the environment but also makes profits. So the social benefits are also very optimistic.
Hankook Tire Co., Ltd. and CLIRIK have become partners. Our equipment is a new star for waste tires. Because the fineness of waste rubber powder cannot meet the requirements, the promotion speed is slow. Now Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. is a tire mill equipment manufacturer in my country. The main production of crushers, tire mills, rubber mills, new technologies and crushing equipment have been very popular in the market. If you want to know, please call +86-13917147829

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